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Test Audit

  • What is the Minnesota Test Audit Program?


    The purpose of the Minnesota Test Audit Program is to verify the accuracy of the statistics reported to the MWCIA. A Test Audit includes a physical examination of the employer’s books and records upon which the unit statistical information is filed to ensure the highest degree of accurate information entering MWCIA’s database.

  • How am I selected for a Test Audit?


    Test Audits are selected at random based upon set criteria. Test Audits may also be requested in writing by

    • Employer
    • Carrier
    • Employer’s Representative
    • Authorized Governmental Agency

  • I have additional questions on the Minnesota Test Audit Program, is there another resource I can find?


    We had a detailed article regarding the Minnesota Test Audit Program in out 1st Quarter of 2016 newsletter on page 4.