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Actuarial Financial Calls - DCCE

  • What expenses are considered DCCE?


    Please see Part 4, Section D of the Minnesota Aggregate Financial Data Reporting Guidebook for details.

  • Should paid DCCE be reported as payments to date?


    Yes, please report paid DCCE as of the valuation date for the call. The amount is an accumulated total.

  • Should DCCE amounts for expense-only claims be reported?


    Yes, but do not include expense-only claim counts under the Incurred Indemnity Claim Counts.

  • How many years of DCCE should be reported?


    Report DCCE for all policy years and accident years where DCCE has been paid or a case outstanding DCCE amount has been established.

  • How does Minnesota DCCE reporting differ from NCCI states?


    The Minnesota DCCE reporting requirements align with the information requested by NCCI.