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Unit Statistical Reporting/Manage USR

  • Whom should I contact to ask about unit statistical reporting in general?


    Questions about Experience Modifications can be sent to our Experience Modification Department by emailing unitstat@mwcia.org. Or, by using the chat feature in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

  • What data is required for unit statistical reporting?


    The unit statistical report requires header, exposure, and loss data.

    Header Data is the information specific to the coverage provided by and the terms of the policy, such as: policy identification number, policy term, and the name of the insured.

    Exposure data is the premium computation information, such as: classification, exposure amount, manual rate, and premium amount.

    Loss data is the claim or benefit information, such as: accident date, kind of injury, and paid and incurred loss totals.

  • Do you provide any electronic unit statistical reporting tools?


    Yes. MWCIA has developed Manage USR application for carriers to view the result of submitted unit statistical reports and also to view Policy Verification, Expected and Overdue reports. It will also provide error information for rejected units.

  • Can MWCIA insurers use the CDX application to submit unit statistical data?


    Yes, please refer to the CDX User Guide for additional information.

  • Does MWCIA accept unit reports electronically?


    Yes. MWCIA accepts unit reports electronically in WCSTAT format which was developed and approved by WCIO. Electronic submissions must be tested and approved for production. The submission instructions can be found on the WCSTAT Testing in our Carrier Electronic Reporting Requirements section. They may be submitted using BEEP via CDX (Please refer CDX User Guide).

  • When is a unit statistical report required?


    Complete statistical information is required for the reporting of experience on the direct business for workers' compensation, voluntary and assigned risk, and employers liability insurance in Minnesota. These instructions apply to all policies and contracts of coverage except for coal mining policies.

    Every policy requires a first report of the premium and losses valued as of eighteen months after the policy effective date. The first reports are submitted to the MWCIA between or during the 18th through 20th month after the policy effective month.

    The losses are valued and reported at 12 month intervals following the first valuation and report. For more information, please refer Minnesota Statistical Plan Manual.

  • For interstate risks, where is the carrier required to file unit reports?


    All unit reports required by this Plan shall be filed directly with:

    Minnesota Workers' Compensation Insurers Association, Inc.

    7701 France Avenue South, Suite 450

    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435 – 3203

    An additional copy of the unit report shall also be filed with the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) in those instances where interstate rating is applicable.

  • What is the desired method of correcting a unit report?


    If the unit report was rejected, a Replacement unit has to be filed. If the unit report was accepted then a Correction Report must be filed.

  • What is required for an unmatched unit report?


    Submit a copy of the policy information page, applicable endorsements and cancellations.

  • What responses are required by carriers for unit reports accepted with warnings?


    Carriers should review warning messages. If the unit report was filed incorrectly a correction report is required.

  • Should MN Special Compensation Fund class code 0174 and corresponding premium be reported on policies and unit statistical reports?


    Class 0174 and the corresponding premium, even if a zero amount, must be reported on all polices and unit statistical reports.

  • If a class code changes after the unit report was reported, and a claim was reported with the same class code, can I put both corrections on the same report?


    Yes. Use correction type “M” in the Correction Indicator Type field.

  • If I have a loss correction that changes the totals, should I file a correction indicator L or M?


    File a correction indicator L. It is assumed that totals will change along with loss detail on correction reports.

  • Can insurers receive the Policy Verification, Expected Cards and Overdue reports in WCCNTL format?


    Yes. The Manage USR application on MWCIA's website will provide reports in WCCNTL and also in PDF format.

  • What data is needed by MWCIA to experience rate an employer exiting a self-insured market and entering the voluntary market?


    The same scope of data provided by the voluntary market is needed from the self-insured market. Refer to the MN Unit Statistical Plan Manual for details.

  • How do I access the Unit Statistical fine invoices?


    1. Select the “CARRIERS” option,
    2. Select “Manage USR System",
    3. Log in to the Web Membership application,
    4. Select “Manage USR System”,
    5. Select the "Reports" tab in the blue banner area,
    6. Select "Carrier Fines Unpaid – Notice of Fines Invoice" PDF.

  • When is a replacement or correction report needed?


    A replacement report is needed when a unit report is in rejected status.

    A correction report is needed when a change has occurred on an accepted unit report.